Online Marketing For Small Businesses

Online Marketing For Small Businesses, Are You Frustrated Yet??


There was a time when everything was a lot simpler for small businesses. They depended on word of mouth or placing an ad in the old yellow pages. Now a days over 80% of customers check online before they buy a product or service from a company that they’ve never done business with. That means that not only are customers finding places to do business with online, but they’re also checking to see what the reputation of the local businesses are before handing over their hard earned cash. Not only is it important to have a strong online business to bring in new customers and clients, but you also need to proactively make sure that your business has a good online reputation for those prospective buyers.

Of course, if you’re a small business owner that’s probably nothing new to you, you know that much already. Perhaps you’re even further along in the process and have started doing your own research to find out how to increase your online presence. Chances are you’ve checked Google and YouTube and Wikipedia, but chances are you’ve thrown your hands up in the air. Not only is search engine optimization, pay per click (adwords) and social media management complicated but it’s hard to find two sources giving the same advice. With so much conflicting information out there, you’ve probably decided to hire someone else to handle it for you.

Now the even more confusion issue comes up, who do you work with? Who do you decide to put your trust in? We’ve all been in this situation before and so has decided to showcase a company we know to be an exemplary Canadian business that has been providing outstanding results for it’s clients. They have been providing SEO in Mississauga as well as web design and Adwords management to a great many businesses that we have interviewed.

I’ve been working with the team for the past six months and I can only say I am completely enthused by the results. I know my business, and I know it well. However when I started my company here I didn’t have many contacts or a social network to go on as my wife and I had just moved here. I was frustrated by the fact that I knew I could make clients happy if given the opportunity, but I had no way of getting my foot in the door. I contacted the team and they gave me a proposal that sounded solid. I, of course, did my homework and checked them out and eventually decided to give it a shot. Six months later my new business is now grossing what I had originally projected to take three years. I can honestly say this is in large part due to the amazing job the team has done for me. I recommend them whole heartedly.

Bill, GTA Plumbing Ltd.

These are the types of enthusiastic recommendations we got every time we spoke to Canadian businesses that had made the decision to work with We asked the team at what their secret was and their answer was perhaps even more impressive than the parade of happy clients behind them. Their answer was built around a few solid principles.

  1. Honesty.
    The first thing they made absolutely clear was that the reason so many small businesses get frustrated with digital marketing agencies is because these agencies take advantage of the fact that a lot of small business owners don’t know much about SEO, web design, online reputation management and the like. They hide behind the fact that the whole reason these business owners want to outsource it is because they don’t want to take the time to learn it themselves. swears by their honesty. “Are we going to get you a #1 ranking in under a week? No. And we tell our clients that, we set realistic expectations that are achievable.” Says Adam from went on to further explain that an integral part of honesty is providing measurable results. provides their clients with timelines that are not only realistic, but they’re based on past success. “If you run a dog walking service in Halifax, it’s going to be a lot less competitive than a DUI attorney located in Toronto. How can we say that we’ll get all of our clients rankings within X amount of time if we don’t even know what your business is?” Adding to that, Adam also insisted that due to their extensive experience in the online realm, they’re able to accurately describe when each milestone will be achieved and this keeps both the team and their clients on the same page through out the whole process.
  2. Return On Investment (ROI).
    When we spoke to the team not once did they mention hits, rankings or any other online jargon that a lot of digital inbound marketers use and that small business owners found confusing. What did they speak about instead? They spoke about leads, they spoke about cost per acquisition, they spoke about ROI and the bottom line for businesses. This really resonated with us because we know that if someone tells us we’re going to rank for this or that keyword, at the end of the day what does that really mean? It’s akin to a mystery box. We know we want it, but we don’t really know how it’s going to affect our business in a tangible kind of way.”Again, we don’t want to mislead our clients by saying we’ll get you rankings and from there it’s up to you to convert them into clients/customers. That’s not a true partnership and it can lead to a fragmented sales funnel which isn’t going to convert leads into customers. Instead, we get to know our client’s business intimately so that we can drive leads through a sales funnel which will increase their bottom line and supercharge their business.” Adam from then went on to say, “The simplest way to explain it is that there is a user intent behind every person that visits your website. Are they browsing or are they looking to buy? We qualify all of the keywords we target and the result is that the traffic we generate for our clients are people that are highly motivated to contact them and do business with them. That’s how you increase a business’ ROI through online marketing.” I nodded my head while listening, it was making sense to me.
  3. Phenomenal Results.
    At the end of the day, the one thing I really took home from our conversation with the team was that they explained to us they realized they could be the most honest company in the world. They could also have the best intentions in the world with providing leads and an ROI that would help their client’s businesses but (and this is a big but) if they weren’t capable of beating out other marketers, what good would all that be? At the end of the day, business may not be a zero sum game but internet traffic surely is. Hypothetically, if someone is online looking for a product or service that you offer and you’re not in front of them at the time they’re looking for it, then another business is. The bottom line is you need to get in front of them and be more prominent than your competitors otherwise you’ll get lost in the shuffle.This is what truly impressed me the most about They’re a boutique inbound marketing agency and there’s a reason for that. They’ve been doing inbound marketing for their own projects and several well known start ups for the past decade. Just recently did the founding partners decide to cash in on their previous success by offloading their highly successful online businesses and open their doors to offer their services to a select few businesses. They’ve achieved success and built online presences in some of the most difficult industries in the online sphere, when you stop and look at what they were able to achieve in the past, it’s almost a no-brainer why they’re so easily able to rank their clients for some of the most difficult keywords — because it’s easy to them! In an industry where there’s so little accreditation it’s always hard to know who’s got the chops and who doesn’t but the truth is Google tells us who the best marketers online are.oakville-seomississauga-dentist-seoToronto SEO

At the end of the day, we chose to put in the spotlight because we truly believe they are a fantastic company to do business with. If you’re a small business owner located in Canada and want to work with the best SEO company in the nation, we highly suggest you contact