Canadian Business Spotlight is a non-profit corner of the web where we highlight and turn the “spotlight” on Canadian businesses that are extraordinary.

Here at, we believe that businesses that go the extra mile and serve their communities with the highest standards deserve to be recognized and appreciated for the work they do. That’s why was founded, to give these businesses the platform they deserve. We have the highest quality standards for all of the businesses we “spotlight” here. They all meet he following criteria:

  1. Leaders in their community.
  2. Environmentally conscientious.
  3. Outstanding customer service.
  4. Proudly Canadian.
  5. Seriously cool.

Because we are completely non-profit, we do not solicit any type of membership from the companies featured on There is no earning disclosure to publish because we only feature businesses that truly meet our qualifications. We do solicit donations from the community at large in order to continue our operations and help meet out costs, however all donations are personal, we do not accept donations from commercial institutions.

If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to submit a business for consideration, please get in touch with us by visiting the contact us page.


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